"AfterZoe is brilliant in it’s imaginings of life after death and the realities of Heaven....I was absorbed by this story from beginning to end. Hickie’s writing style is so easy to read, and so very Australian.
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"I found this story to have an interesting twist on life after death - not sure I would like it to be that way after I die but interesting all the same. Zoe is not happy in life and still not happy after dying.... A few life lessons to be learned from this story... it's definitely a good first novel and I would be very interested in reading more by this author."
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"This is a great first novel, thought-provoking and out of left-field, and also familiar and conversational. I was really drawn in to the worlds that the author has created, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the day to day life, and the afterlife, of Zoe and the other characters." 
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